• dark crystal creature sketch

    Dark Crystal Bestiary with artist bookplate

    125.00 incl. tax 136.25
    Discover the wild and wonderful creatures of Thra in this guide to the flora and fauna of the Dark Crystal universe. This book will be signed on the title page by me, Iris Compiet and will have a unique sketch on a bookplate glued to the endsheet.  
    • Due to limited stock only ONE book per customer. If you place multiple orders only one order will be accepted.
    • No sketch requests possible. It is possible to have the book dedicated to someone, please leave that person's name in the comment box upon checkout.
    • It is not possible to ship these books with any of the sculptures. If you wish to order a sculpture please do so in a separate order. Any other items are fine.
    • 9% VAT are applied at checkout for orders from The Netherlands and Europe
    Please read the info & terms page carefully before ordering here  
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    new edition

    Faeries of the Faultlines

    Faeries of the Faultlines is an art book taking you on a journey through a world called the Faultlines. A world filled with faeries, dragons, witches, giants and all sorts of creatures. The last remaining books of the first edition of Faeries of Faeries of the Faultlines are sold out. But fear not, a new edition of this book will be released on June 21st of 2021. Please subscribe to the newsletter for more information about the new release.
  • Secrets of the Faultlines and Beyond

    Secrets of the Faultlines and Beyond is a 48 full-color page softcover sketchbook that will give you an exclusive look into my process. It contains pages from my private sketchbooks, ideas for personal projects and finished pieces.

    • 48 pages full color and double-sided printed cover
    • Measures 148 x 210mm (A5 in size)
    • Interior printed on Biotop 120g
    • Cover printed on Biotop 300g
    • Comes in a custom made envelope to keep it safe
    Please read the info & terms page carefully here
  • mermaid notebook greenman notebook
    These handmade A6 notebooks have 48 blank pages. The perfect size to take with you on your adventures in the Faultlines. They are produced using recycled materials.
    Please read the info & terms page carefully before ordering here  
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